Mobile Tyre Fitting Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK.

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Full Tyre Fitting Service, Tracking And Balancing In Potters Bar.

It’s critical to have the proper tyres, balance, and valves installed, as well as the correct tyre pressures and tyre tracking set up before taking your vehicle out on the road.

At Olympus, we want to ensure that all of your tyre components last as long as possible and safe driving in all weather conditions.

  • New tyres Potters Bar
  • Puncture repair
  • Wheel alignment
  • Steering wheel and brakes safety check.

If you need car tyres, vans tyres, SUV tyres, or 4×4 tyres, we take pleasure in providing straightforward, trustworthy service and helpful advice, as well as low prices and quick, professional car service.

Michelin, Pirelli, Firestone, Toyo, Avon, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, and Dunlop are among the leading tyre brands we carry at competitive prices, and we also have budget tyres.

24Hr roadside assistance

Why Should You Choose Our Olympus Mobile Tyre Fitting Center?

  • We quote a price, and you pay that price. No hidden fees!
  • Short wait times for roadside tyre assistance.
  • Potters Bar’s best mobile tyre retailer.

We specialise in just tyres by our fully trained professionals, assisted by the most up-to-date equipment to ensure the right tyre size and your cars safety.

mobile tyre fix potters bar

Olympus Fits Just Tyres and provides the following services:

tyre tracking wheel rims
Mobile Tyre Fitting

If you need your tyres changed at home, work or any convenient location for you, make an appointment with us at Olympus immediately.

In an emergency or a planned installation, we will change your vehicle’s tyres wherever you are.

Mobile Tyre Repair

A nail, a screw, a sharp stone, a curb, or the tyre’s age can cause flat tyres and punctures at any time. You should not drive if you discover a damaged tyre since it is dangerous.

Drive gently, carefully, safely, and contact Olympus 24-Hour Mobile Tyre Repairs Service to get out of a hazardous scenario.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

We provide 24/7 damage-free mobile locking wheel nut removal. We remove locking wheel nuts safely and without damaging or scuffing your wheels, alloys, or tyres on all car manufacturers.

Emergency Tyre Fitting

If you have a flat tyre or a tyre blowout on the side of the road, on the highway, or in your driveway, Olympus Tyres will safely get you back on the road.

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Hertfordshire, North London, and Essex are included.

Visit us for a free wheel alignment check if you suspect an issue with your vehicle’s wheel alignment. A proper wheel alignment will extend the life of your tyres and guarantee that they wear evenly.

Areas We Cover

“EN6  – Potters Bar is on the Great North Road and part of Greater London. Potters Bar is currently accessible through M25 junctions 23 and 24.”

  • Barnet
  • Barnet Gate
  • Borehamwood
  • Cuffley
  • Enfiled
  • Epping Green
  • London Colney
  • North Mymms
  • Oakmere
  • Potters Bar
  • Radlett
  • Shenley
  • Sopwell
  • South Mimms
  • Waltham Green
  • Wrotham Park

Mobile Tyre Fitting - We'll Come To You.

We Quickly Fix Your Tyres, Wherever You Are.


Mobile Tyre Fitting Services by Olympus are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

same day tyre replacement

We are a mobile tyre-fitting firm that provides new tyre replacements in an emergency at any location. 

We can respond quickly to your needs and get you back on the road in the shortest period possible because we have over a decade of experience.

All main roads and highways in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire and North London are covered by us.

Olympus Mobile Tyre Fitting is a 24-hour service in Potters Bar that you can schedule in advance for new tyres to be installed on the drive, at work, or if you need roadside assistance.

Call our mobile tyre fitter for more information and arrange an appointment with Olympus fitting service. It’s easy to purchase tyres online or book an Olympus mobile tyre replacement service.

Contact us

Mobile Tyre Fitting Hertfordshire 24 Hour Emergency Call Out
51 Tempest Avenue
Potters Bar
07402 235765

Frequent Car and Vehicle Questions.

Our mobile tyre-fitting service does not only deal with just tyres but also includes a new valve, wheel balance, and disposal of your old tyres. Our mobile fitting service starts at £100 per wheel, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to estimate all four tyres.

A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electrical system that monitors the pressure within pneumatic tyres. A TPMS provides real-time tire-pressure information to the driver via a gauge, pictogram display, or simple low-pressure warning light.

Direct (dTPMS) and indirect (iTPMS) TPMS (iTPMS). TPMS are available as an OEM (factory) or aftermarket option. A TPMS prevents traffic accidents, poor fuel efficiency, and increased tyre wear by detecting under-inflated tyres early.

Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Yokohama and BFGoodrich are some of the top and most trusted tire companies on the market. With any of these brands, you can’t go wrong. If you want to arrive home safely, always choose the proper tire models for your car, your demands, and especially outside circumstances.

Your tyre size will be printed on the sidewall of your tyres, in your car’s manual, or on a label in your driver’s door frame.

Tyre sizes are split into four different sections:

1. Width of the tyre (mm)

2. Profile – the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width (%)

3. Rim Size – the Diameter of the inner rim (inches)

4. Speed rating – the maximum speed the tyre can reach at full load

An example of a tyre size would be: 185/65R14 86H, which can be read as the following:

Width = 185

Profile = 65

Rim Size = R14

Speed Rating= 86H

When searching for the new brake pads, you’ll want to consider 7 points to find the best brake pads for your car.

  1. Weather Performance
  2. Cold Bite and Hot Bite
  3. Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT)
  4. Friction Response to Temperature
  5. Pad and Rotor Lifetime
  6. Noise and Vibration
  7. Dust Levels

The speed rating of a tyre tells you how fast it can go. For better control, tyre performance at standardised speeds, the speed rating system was devised. From 5 km/h (3 mph) to over 300 km/h, a tire’s certified speed rating is assigned a letter A through Z. (186 mph).