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Tyres are an important part of your vehicle and need to be maintained in order to keep you safe on the road. However, getting your tyres fitted can be a hassle – especially if you don’t have the time to go to a tyre fitting centre. 

That’s where mobile caravan tyre fitting services come in. But is it worth using one of these services? Here’s everything you need to know.

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We have a large selection of tyres for your caravan, campervan, or motorhome. We offer the proper tyres for you, no matter what you drive or where you’re going, so you can stay safe on those long journeys.

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How Do You Change a Tyre on a Caravan?

Having a plan in place for potential emergencies is a crucial part of caravan camping when changing a caravan tyre. It can be difficult to avoid seemingly random failures of equipment, such as confusing electrical shorts, with regular maintenance. It is important to make sure that you have the necessary tools when changing or swapping a caravan flat tyre. 

You might also want to keep gloves on hand. As opposed to smaller vehicles, caravans require extra precautions when dealing with a flat tyre for your safety and to prevent damage to the vehicle. The proper way to change a caravan tyre will prevent costly mistakes like jacking the chassis. It is a serious job with serious risks to change a flat tyre. 

Practice changing tyres before you’re in the middle of nowhere and have to change them in an emergency. You should have a handyman or someone experienced to assist you when changing your caravan tyre. 

Check that the handbrakes are engaged on the caravan and that the trailer is hitched to the tow vehicle. Put blocks in front of the tyres, too, to prevent the caravan from rolling back. Make sure the hazard lights are also on.

How Long Do Caravan Tyres Last?

Even if they appear in good condition, inflated caravan tyres need regular replacement. If they are older than seven years, it is widely recommended to replace them every five years. 

Damage visible on the surface should also prompt you to replace them. The services of a mechanic can tell you the best course of action because there are many defects that can be repaired. You can get 10 years out of your tyres. 

However, older models that have been in use for five years or more are worth paying close attention to, especially if you have a high mileage vehicle. Each caravan tyre is marked with a DOT code that indicates its age. 

Among the numbers on this plate, the four last digits represent the tyre’s age. UV damage can contribute to a quicker deterioration of caravan tyres. 

Over time, all tyres become less flexible as they age. While the caravan is stored/idle, it is not difficult to cover the tyres to protect them from UV radiation. 

When not using your caravan for an extended period, it’s a good idea to check the tyre pressure regularly and visually inspect them for any damage or degradation. It is important to rotate the wheels from time to time to avoid flat spots.

Is Mobile Tyre Fitting Safe?

With mobile tyre fitting you are able to keep yourself, your family, and other road users safe while consuming the minimum amount of time and effort. When you don’t have the time or the money to replace your tyres, it might be tempting to continue driving with damaged or old tyres. 

It puts you, your passengers, and other road users at risk and may result in you being fined and receiving penalty points, or even being prosecuted. We make changing or repairing your tyres easy with our mobile fitting services. 

With today’s high-pressure working environments, we often struggle to find time to juggle our schedules as we juggle the demands of work and family. 

With a tyre-fitting service, you can also take advantage of speedy and easy repairs or replacements as necessary, ensuring that you aren’t driving around with tyres that do not necessarily offer the protection you need. 

Many of the mobile fitters offer an emergency tyre fitting service-again, this is a great option that does not interrupt your schedule. Savings may be greater than you think.

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How Much Does It Cost for a Mobile Tyre Fitter?

Prices for mobile tyre fitting can range from £100 to £250 and even more. The price you pay will, however, be influenced by a few factors.

It mostly depends on what kind of car or caravan you have and therefore what kind of tyres you will need.

If you’re not confident that you can replace your caravan’s tyres yourself, professional tyre technicians can perform the service quickly and easily. Additionally, mobile tyre fitting lets you avoid having to leave your car at the local garage and pick it up again since a mechanic comes to you.

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In an emergency, mobile tyre fittings are not only convenient but also helpful. You can have your damaged tyres removed and replaced with new ones at home or even at the roadside if you’re stuck with a flat tyre and cannot drive your car. 

If you book your car in at a garage, you will often pay more than if you hire a mobile tyre fitter. Due to the fact that you do not have to pay for the facility or the brand name of the garage, this is the primary reason for this. 

Furthermore, garages will often charge more for cheaper services to compensate for the shortfall so that more expensive work is cheaper and more appealing to potential customers. You will only pay for the cost of a tyre change if you choose a mobile tyre fitter.

Is It Law to Change Caravan Tyres?

The caravan tyre law simply states that tyres must bear the gross caravan weight and must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm across the three-quarters of the width of the tyre and around the entire circumference. 

The tyre pressure should also be monitored. Despite the fact that caravan tyre treads rarely wear out, they do deteriorate as they age. Buying a used caravan may require you to replace the tyres if the wheels are over five years old.

Are Caravan Tyres the Same as Van Tyres?

Caravan tyres are often considered different from those on cars. In caravans, the load is typically heavier than car tyres, so the tyres need to be able to withstand the additional weight, and sometimes, for a longer period of time, since, in general, you are driving further. 

The tyres on caravans are similar to those on vans. It’s not necessarily the type of tyre you purchase that matters, but rather the load rating of the tyre you intend to purchase. When choosing new tyres, you should refer to the caravan manufacturer’s recommendations on the load index needed for your caravan, so you don’t purchase tyres that can’t hold the weight. 

Additionally, replacing your tyres with ones that have a higher load index isn’t always necessary. Managing your caravan tyres might not be the easiest job out there. Motorhome tyres face caravan tyre ageing and caravan tyre failure. You need to replace caravan tyres every few years. Good caravan tyres replaced are handled by excellent service. 

A trusted mobile fitting service not only offer new caravan tyres but cheap caravan tyres for your needs. Tyre failure is something you don’t want to happen on the road. Hire a tyre technician before you see a flat tyre coming. A good tyre fitted makes a safe journey.

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If you’re in need of new tyres and don’t want the hassle of driving to a garage, we have the perfect solution for you. Our mobile caravan tyre fitting service will come to your home and fit your new tyres quickly and easily. Plus, our prices are unbeatable. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote today!