Mobile Tyre Fitting Cheshunt: Emergency Tyre Fitting

Roadside tyre assistance provides rapid response for drivers stuck on the roadside. Olympus mobile tyre fitting includes:

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Want to Get a New Tyre for Your Car?


When you’re buying new tyres, you want something that will last. That means your choice will depend on the brand, the quality of the tyre, and the experience you have.

When it comes to tyre brands in areas like Cheshunt, the average time between tyre replacement is 5 years. Olympus tyres have been in business since 2012 and are a local leader in premium-quality road tyres for cars and light commercial vehicles.

Our name is synonymous with excellent performance and reliability on all roads around the UK. Olympus mobile tyre-fitting has a reputation as a serious player in providing quality products at a great value to our customers.

Get the tyres you need, in the right tyre size and style.

The goal of mobile tyre-fitting is to provide a convenient way for you to have your tyres checked, which will help you to make sure that you are driving your car safely. 

In fact, the aim is to provide you with the best service possible, where everything runs smoothly.

Our staff will make sure that they carry out all the necessary checks on your vehicle in order to ensure that it is in a good safe condition. Olympus is a mobile tyre repairable unit that comes to where you are located.

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Guaranteed Great Service to Our Customers

Meanwhile, if there are any issues that arise from the tyre-fitting process, we will make sure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible so that you can be back on the road as soon as possible.

The mobile tyre-fitting service we offer for Cheshunt

There are two types of mobile tyre-fitting services available:

Replacing Your Worn Tyres

Book an appointment in advance

With this service, our team of highly-skilled technicians will be able to do all the tyre checks on your vehicle without any delay at your preferred location. 

This service also offers you a choice between 2 or 3-hour time slots during which time they will carry out all the required checks on your car.

During this part of the process, we’ll advise you regarding any work needed on your car in order to maintain its integrity or safety.

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Emergency Puncture Repairs

Roadside Tyre Assistance

Our team of fully trained technicians come directly to you, wherever your car is at. If you have a tyre blowout, flat tyre or puncture will repair or replace your vehicle tyre. 

Olympus tyres will make all necessary adjustments have been made so that you can drive it wherever you choose without any further problems.

So if there is ever anything wrong with one of our tyres after we have touched them up then we can easily replace it within 24 hours!

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Buy Your New Tyres at Olympus Mobile Tyre Fitting.

Olympus Mobile Tyre Fitting are specialists in mobile tyre-fitting in Cheshunt and surrounding areas. Our mobile tyre fitter service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a full range of tyres from all manufacturers to suit your vehicle.

Fast Tyre Repairs to Keep You Moving

Our team of mobile tyre-fitting technicians in Cheshunt are here to offer you a fast, efficient and friendly service with high levels of service and quality. 

We have experience working with vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda plus many more.

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Finding a Local Garage for a Full Car Service & Wheel Alignment

Olympus Tyres will replace your worn tyres in Cheshunt or fix a punctured tyre at the roadside. Find Waltham garage services for full car servicing and wheel alignment, our services are tyre specialists fitted at home, work or roadside locations throughout Hertfordshire.

The Best Tyre Brands at the Best Prices fitted

We will provide you with competitive prices on all quality tyres from the leading tyre brands across the UK including Falken, Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli and Hankook.

Call us now on 07426 055321 to discuss your tyre size or get in touch with us for more information about our mobile tyre-fitting services today!

Just call Olympus mobile tyre-fitting and set up an appointment.


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Olympus mobile tyre-fitting In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, there are many other good tyre shops. It’s a good idea to visit them before deciding where to get your tyres fitted. You can compare their prices and make your decision from there.

So, feel free to try the tyre-fitting service at our mobile tyre shop in Cheshunt. Many people use Olympus tyres in Cheshunt to get tyres fitted for their cars and other vehicles due to excellent service.

You’ll be worry-free using Olympus mobile tyre-fitting at Cheshunt without any worries as our professional team provide quality service at an affordable price.

Popular Mobile Tyre Questions

Tyres are an important part of a vehicle. They allow you to drive safely and comfortably. Tyres also help in controlling the vehicle and maintaining its balance on the road. In order to make sure that your tyres are in good condition, you need to replace them with new ones after a certain period of time or when they reach their tread limit.

The benefits of new tyres include:

  • Improved driving experience
  • Improved safety and stability
  • Improved fuel efficiency

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car. They provide us with grip when we drive and help us to steer. Tyres need to be replaced every so often, and the cost of new tyres can vary depending on what type you buy.

The quality and the size of your replacement vehicle tire affects the price per tyre, but some retailers may charge per pair for two tyres in a package. For example, if you purchase a set for your vehicle which includes four new tyres, they will cost more than if you purchased them separately as two pairs.

The average price for a set of four new tyres is around £400 – £820

Flat tyres are the most common problem that drivers face.

There are many causes for flat tyres. One of the most common causes is when a tyre gets punctured by a sharp object like a nail or something else. Another cause is when there is too much pressure on the tyre, which can lead to the tyre bursting. Other issues such as sidewall damage when a wheel gets hit hard on a surface such as high curbstones.

  1. Squeaking or Squealing Coming From Brakes. 
  2. Grinding Sound When Braking. 
  3. Vibration When Braking. 
  4. Taking Longer To Stop. 
  5. Brake Pad Indicator Light Comes On. 
  6. Your Brake Pads Appear To Be Thin.

The brake system is the most important safety feature in your car. They have to stop your car, slow it down, hold it steady on hills, and keep you from rolling back when you release the brake pedal.

Brakes are made up of four parts:

  • Rubber or metal brake pad that pushes against a metal surface of a rotor or drum attached to the wheel.
  • The metal shoe presses against the rotor or drum.
  • The internal hydraulic system pressurizes brake fluid and forces it through hoses attached to each of these parts.
  • An external hydraulic system that controls how much fluid is sent through each hose.