Caravan Tyre Fitting

What Do You Need for a Caravan Tyre Fitting?


When you’re travelling in a caravan, the tyres are one of the most important pieces of equipment. You need to make sure you have the right tyres for your vehicle and that they’re in good condition. If you need a caravan tyre fitting, make sure you use a professional service to get the best results. Call us today to book an appointment.


What Tyres Do You Put on a Caravan?


What Tyres Do You Put On A Caravan


The tyres on caravans are either made for cars or small vans; they may not be made specifically for caravans. There is a minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm throughout the central three-quarters of the tread width of caravan tyres.

New tyres are an investment. You get what you pay for. As a result of the tyre designation, load index, and speed symbol, a tyre dealer should be able to offer a variety of makes at prices ranging from low to high.

Avoid buying extremely cheap caravan tyres or motorhome tyres. Caravan manufacturers have increasingly chosen more expensive tyres as the years have gone on. This is perhaps because they have had bad experiences with cheaper wheels.

It is beneficial to use tyres that are less than two years old. If a mobile caravan tyre has been sitting for more than five years, it’s best not to buy it. There might be some degradation in the rubber.

The handbook for a new caravan will show the appropriate inflation pressure. If you have a secondhand caravan, it is more likely to be indicated on the wheel arch. It is always advisable to check the pressure when the tyres are cold.

The type of inflation in inflated caravan tyres is extremely important. Too little inflation decreases grip, which increases braking distance. On the other hand, overinflated tyres reduce the amount of tyre that is in contact with the road, causing uneven wear and reducing braking and cornering control.

Typically, the manufacturer of the caravan will specify the pressure to which the tyre should be inflated, and this pressure should be checked every time the tyres are cold before leaving home. Actually, the weight of the van is carried by the air inside the tyres.

When under-inflated, the tyre is less able to carry the extra load, while overinflated tyres wear out the centre section of the tread more rapidly, reducing the life of the tyre.

Even if the caravan is parked on the driveway or in a storage site, the tyre pressure should be checked monthly, even if it is not used for a longer period. The oxygen in the tyres slowly leaches out as the air inside the tyres is compressed.

You should cover the tyres when the caravan is parked for long periods of time in order to prevent UV radiation from damaging the rubber. The sun’s UV radiation can decrease the strength of walls, making them more prone to sudden failure, even though it won’t be obvious.

A tyre’s week of manufacture is not the only thing to look at, but the storage area may also determine the tyre’s quality and lifespan. The tyre symbol guide and tyre info should be useful information.

If you do see signs of wear, we recommend that your caravan tyres be replaced with new caravan tyres. Caravan tyre ageing is true for any tyre size. Before embarking on a long journey, you want to make sure you are fully equipped with the correct tyres to avoid a caravan tyre failure or a flat tyre while on the road.


Can You Use Car Tyres on a Caravan?


Can You Use Car Tyres On A Caravan


Car wheels should not be used on caravans unless the wheels are appropriate (usually from the wheel manufacturer). However, caravan tyres aren’t designed specifically for use with caravans. Caravans are either fitted with car tyres or small van tyres.

Despite the fact that there are tyres designed especially for trailers, they are only available in specifications that fit models such as small camping trailers or one or two specialist types of larger commercial trailers. Caravans and light vans use the same tyres.

It would be reasonable for you to assume that the dimensions of the wheels and tyres you have purchased will be appropriate when you have purchased a new caravan and are new to caravanning. The wheel arch is often marked as well for convenience, and it is described in the caravan handbook.

A spare wheel is a common feature of new caravans, but it is not mandatory. Standard wheels and tyres should be of the same specification or equivalent to the rest. You should make sure that the spare tyre and wheel are compatible with the originals if you need to buy one separately.

For each tyre, a specific inflation pressure will be optimal based on its load. A caravan generally operates at or close to its maximum weight, so the optimum pressure should be selected for that load condition.

However, if you are using your caravan below its maximum weight limit, you can choose an appropriate inflation pressure for its actual laden weight. It is advisable to confirm the caravan’s actual laden weight on a weighbridge in its intended loading condition. So if you are carrying a heavier load, make sure that the tyre is also inflated properly.

Tyres designed for commercial use can operate under a wide range of loads and can be different when fitted to a caravan. On a caravan, the maximum inflation pressure for a 54psi tyre may be only 30psi. A tyre with high inflation pressure might not perform well on road surfaces. Another indication of properly inflated tyres is that tyre beads stay in the groove as a result of internal air pressure.


How Much Does It Cost to Fit a Tyre UK?


How Much Does It Cost To Fit A Tyre UK


Tyre sizes usually drive the price. Generally, the smaller the wheel, the cheaper it will be. The smaller the tyre, the lower its speed and load rating since it contains fewer composite materials. A low-end tyre could cost between £45 and £70, while a high-end tyre could cost between £220 and £1200.

You will have to pay a different price for a new tyre depending on the size, quality, brand and the season. Costs are determined by many variables, including whether you choose expensive tyres or budget tyres, or an all-season option, winter or summer. The exact cost is therefore difficult to estimate, but UK prices are typically between £60 and £80.

This is because a smaller and narrower tyre is cheaper. A smaller and narrower tyre consists of fewer materials and, therefore, runs slower and can carry less weight. There is a significant cost difference between 4×4 and car tyres, with the latter being much more expensive.

Avoid buying the cheapest tyre simply because you want to save some money. To get the best value for money, compare prices and buy the right tyre for your vehicle at the lowest possible price. A faulty tyre will not only influence your driving style but could also endanger your and other people’s safety.

Branded premium tyres and budget tyres are primarily distinguished by the materials used in their manufacture. As a rule, brand-name tyres have a longer tread depth and enhanced wear than budget tyres.

Knowing the manufacture date code of the tyre fitted to your vehicle helps you keep track of maintenance.


What Is the Law Regarding Caravan Tyres?


What Is The Law Regarding Caravan Tyres


In addition to being correctly inflated, tyres must not have cuts or other defects. In order to pass this requirement, your tyre should have a tyre tread depth of at least 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tread width. The tread must also meet the legal minimum tread depth and other specifications. As a general rule, mixing radial-ply tyres and cross-ply tyres on the same axle is illegal.

All regulations stipulated in the UK tyre law must be followed if a spare wheel and tyre are carried.
There is a maximum fine of £2,500 and 3 points on a driver’s licence for each defective or unsuitable tyre.

In addition, we recommended that aspect ratios be matched (80 and 82 can be considered the same), as well as ply ratings or load index values for the same axle, although these are not legal requirements. It is okay to mix different brands of the same size or specification.

Generally, if you meet the legal requirements set by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association for using your vehicle in the UK, it can be used in all of Europe. Tyres in France are an exception to this rule.

On some French motorways, you are permitted to tow at speeds up to 81mph (130kph), so you must have tyres that can handle this speed. Older caravans are more likely to have problems with this, but if in doubt, make sure the tyres are properly inflated and read up on overseas driving regulations, as on-the-spot fines can be steep.


Best Tyre Fitting Company For Fast And Excellent Service


If you know you’ll have a flat tyre coming. It’s good to have contact with a trusted mobile fitting service or a local garage that could get your tyres fitted to the right wheel alignment. It’s widely recommended to let an expert replace your UK tyre for you. If you need your caravan or motorhome tyres replaced immediately, call our company number and expect fast and excellent service.

Most companies don’t only offer mobile tyre fitting but also:

  • tyre checks
  • tyre repair
  • puncture repairs
  • wheel balancing
  • filter change
  • mobile battery fitting
  • engine oil change
  • battery fitting
  • locking wheel nut removal
  • flat-spotting
  • and safety check.

They also offer many types of tyres for your needs. Tyre pricing is fair for all replacement tyres for most vehicle tyres, season tyres like winter tyres and summer tyres, and commercial tyres.

Don’t ruin your long weekend by spending several hours figuring out what to do. Just ask for help. Contact us for more information.